Sewer Viewer uses the Dick Williams Rerounder.  We have been successfully rerounding pipe this way since 1987.

Pipe deflection is often caused by poor compacting of bedding material surrounding pipes. Most sewer contractors think the only way to correct deflection is to dig up the trench and start over.  But, Dick Williams, a sewer contractor himself, figured out an easier, less expensive way. 

More than 30 years ago, he invented a system that not only rerounds deflected sections of pipe, it also improves compaction of the bedding material around the pipe, permanently preventing further deflection. 

The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System is a patented, proven process. It's the leading choice for solving deflection problems in flexible pipe. 

The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System transmits vibrations outward through the pipe wall and into the granular bedding and backfill surrounding the pipe. The vibration compacts the bedding, allowing the backfill load to be evenly distributed around the pipe. As the vibrator is pulled through the pipe and the bedding is compacted, the deflected pipe returns to its original round shape.

The Original WilliamsSM Rerounder™ System is guaranteed to eliminate deflection in pipes up to 60" in diameter. It's the best, fastest, most economical system you can use to reround flexible sewer pipes. Most rerounding projects take less than one day to complete. We perform the mandrel test immediately afterwards to ensure all deflection has been eliminated.